Welcome to La Tinaja Ranch
La Tinaja, a Guest Ranch, where our goal is to provide the finest in western hospitality, includes services such as Big Game hunting, family reunions, western weddings and corporate retreats. La Tinaja Ranch is located in western New Mexico on Highway 53 near the small community fo El Morro.

Gia Bartlett invites you to visit La Tinaja Ranch. I am the owner and operator of a working cattle ranch here in Cibola county, New Mexico. I have twenty plus head of miniture horses here that roam wild.
La Tinaja Ranch miniture horses

Buttons and Snowman are my prize stud horses. Patches, Pockets and Pino were recently born. They are the smallest and cutest you will ever see. Call me and I will make my entire ranch available for your family vaction.

Summer vacation at La Tinaja Ranch is a great get-away for the family. Our wildlife preserve, canyons, forest and ghost town are all wonderful to hike and explore. There are many attractions near the ranch including El Morro Inscription Rock, Ramah Lake, the ice caves, wolf sanctuary and Zuni pueblo.

There are also three restaurants close by as well as a luxury tea house. Our rental cabin features a cozy, king size bed with all meals included. CONTACT ME, Gia, at 505-240-1382, to plan a family union as well.
La Tinaja Ranch Ancient Way Cafe

Bed & Breakfast
Enjoy authentic ranch-style accommodations, including delicious meals, king size bed, and sleep like a baby. Leave the cooking to us while you hunt, recreate, ride horseback, hike, watch or fly hot air balloons (seasonal) or simply bask in the peaceful surroundings of the Cibola county and forest.
La Tinaja Ranch miniture horses

La Tinaja Ranch miniture horses

La Tinaja Ranch miniture horses

The property adjoins a combination of public and rural private lands, including the extensive lands of Cibola National Forest to the east, state lands to the west, and Indian lands to the south. Less than approximately two acres of the property are affected by improvements, which include a hunting cabin and small appurtenant structures, stone ruins and cemetery of the old Tinaja town site.

La Tinaja Ranch manages the property as a wildlife habitat for light recreational use, such as hunting and wildlife watching. Light seasonal livestock grazing also occasionally occur on the property.

Historic uses of the property included homesteading activities, hunting, trapping and livestock grazing. The old Tinada town site, originally called San Lorenzo, of which only a few ruins of sandstone buildings remain on the property, was established in the 1860s by Santa Fe ranchers, Pablo Candelaria and Jose Maria Marez, along an old wagon train route at the site of several springs. Tinaja, a Spanish word for "earthen vat," became a stopping place for travelers and pioneers. It had a central plaza and a dance pavilion. Several families settled there during the late 1800s, grew fields of corn, beans and chiles, and ran sheep and cattle on the surrounding lands.

Eventually the land surrounding Tinaja was acquired or controlled by the livestock and timber baron Silvestre Mirabal, at one time the biggest landowner in New Mexico. During the early to mid-1900s, Mirabal and others logged the Zuni Mountains and severely overgrazed the lands surrounding El Morro and Tinaja. The mountains are now reforested but the effects of historic overgrazing are still apparent in the vegetative composition of the rangelands in the region. Tinaja was deserted by 1940 and only a few stone ruins and a small cemetery remain on the property.
Big Game Hunting
Autumn is the time for Big Game hunting at La Tinaja Ranch. Elk and mule deer abound in this area. A private ranch hunt can be arranged by calling Patrick at 505-240-3254.
La Tinaja Ranch scenic view area

Elk and deer archery season starts September 1st and runs through September 22nd. Muzzle loader season for mule deer is September 24th through September 30th. Muzzle loader season for elk is October 3rd through October 9th. Rifle season for elk is October 10th through December 31st.

Rifle Hunts for Mule Deer
October 17th through October 21st
October 24th through October 28th
October 31st through November 4th
La Tinaja Ranch hiking area

Youth Hunts for Mule Deer
November 26th through November 29th
December 5th and 6th
December 12th and 13th
La Tinaja Ranch elk hunt

Mule deer hunts include a cabin rental for five days with all meals included. Guide services are available. Combination hunts can be booked.

Elk Hunting
An elk hunt runs five days. Mature bull and anterless tags are available.

A private exclusive hunt can be arranged with La Tinaja Ranch staff. Call Patrick at 505-240-3254.
Elk roaming on La Tinaja Ranch

The photo of these two bull elk, visible on La Tinaja Ranch and Bed & Breakfast, courtesy of Rare Earth Science,LLC.

Springs and Ponds
At least three springs exist on the property: two near the old Tinaja town site and one in the Water Canyon near the northeast part of the property. The Water Canyon spring remains undeveloped. Springs at or near old Tinaja town site feed nearby small ponds. The springs provide valuable drinking water and habitat resources for wildlife and livestock.

At least eight man-made, earthen-dammed, ponds are located on the property. One pond is located in the Water Canyon, one along the old railroad grade, and the remainder of the ponds are in the southern part of the property near the old Tinaja town site. The southern ponds are shallow, spring-fed, and perennial. Wet meadow vegetation surround many of the ponds.

Geography and Elevation
Our elevation at the ranch runs from 7,300 to 8,300 feet. There are three major canyons on the ranch: Litte Water canyon to the north, Ojo Bonito canyon to teh south, and Alamosa canyon in the middle.

The three canyons converge near La Tinaja Ranch cemetary. Three logging roads offer access to the elk downhill and hunters uphill. Springs, tanks and our solar well ensure that wildlife have an abundance of water.

Hiking, biking and four wheeling on our system of county roads offer both fun and privacy. Hiking on the ranch could go on for many days. This is a unique oppportunity to explore the canyons, forest, mountains and La Tinaja's ghost town. Enjoy barefoot walks on the sand dunes and picnic under giant Douglas fir trees.

Special Accommodations
For a more primative experience, we can arrange a "tee-pee" shelter and sweat lodge. Call Patrick at 505-240-3254.